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Jailbirds – Season 1 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Jailbirds is a reality TV series by Netflix that premiered on the 10th of May 2019. The series comes with a sensational list of credited songs. This list includes tracks from world-class performers like Shey Skeedy, The Rigs, and Nik Ammar. Below, you will be able to listen to the complete list of songs and the series soundtrack.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - Dressed into Oranges - 10th May

  • Kill Me First - Emanuel Vo Williams, Robin Loxley & Samantha Powell

  • S'alright - Extreme Music

  • Ready - Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy & Dumi Maraire

  • Boom Boom Pull the Trigger - Daniel Farrant & Paul Rawson

Episode 2 - Ima Be That Phatt B*tch - 10th May

  • Guilty Man - Nik Ammar

  • Bad Apple Pie - Aaron Kaplan & Jamison Hollister

  • Ready - Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy & Dumi Maraire

  • How It Is - Shey Skeedy

Episode 3 - We're All Criminals - 10th May

  • Hi Ho Nobody’s Home - David Baerwald

  • Set It Off - Emanuel Vo Williams, Grayson Voltaire & Cut One

  • Wake Up - Rupert Pope & Giles Palmer

  • Ain’t the Problem You Want - Dumi Maraire, Raphael Lake & Aaron Levy

  • Wicked Gonna Come - Blues Saraceno & Nineoneone

Episode 4 - Swimmin' in Sh*t, Bruh! - 10th May

  • Wait for Me - Raphael Lake & Ben Fisher

Episode 5 - It's a Crazy Beautiful Kinda Love - 10th May

  • Fault Line - The Rigs

  • You Won’t Break Me - Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza

  • Fallen Leaves - Robin Loxley & Smudge Mason

  • Green Light - Lee Richardson, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Jonathan Murrill, Daniel Toeman & Raxstar


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Season 1 Premiered 10th of May 2019

Network Netflix

Genre Reality

Score Composer N/A

Music Supervisor N/A

Number of Episodes 6

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