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Green Day Premiere Twilight: Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Song: “The Forgotten”


Listen to And Watch The video for Green Day’s Twilight: Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Single: “The Forgotten”

Green Day finally premiere their contribution single to the soundtrack of highly anticipated “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” movie. We’ve been waiting a lot for this one and it’s finally here! And we don’t just have the audio for “The Forgotten”, we also have the official video and it’s great! Check it out right here.

I don’t know what to be more excited about… the song itself, or the video. Why are we so excited about the video? Well, maybe the fact that throughout the video, we are able to see clips from the newest installment of the much anticipated Twilight saga: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”.

Green day have contributed to the soundtrack of the movie with a lovely piano driven ballad titled “The Forgotten”. The video came as a surprise for both Green Day and Twilight fans, and it was released at this time due to the fact that the band’s frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has checked into rehab hence determining the band to cut down on their concerts and tours.

The video brings us clips of the band’s frontman Billie Joe Armstrong performing on stage or in the recording studio, but also really carefully picked cippings of Bella and Edward as they adventure in “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”.

If we’ve made you curious, have a look below to see the latest Green Day video for “The Forgotten” off the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” soundtrack:


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