The soundtrack to Gold, a 2016 – 2017 Movie, tracklist, listen to all the 10 full soundtrack songs, play 22 full OST music & clips, and 1 trailer tracks. View who sings all the songs used in the movie. Read scene descriptions after the film plays at the cinema.
Gold official soundtrack album tracklist
Original release date: March 3, 2017
Label: Varese Sarabande

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Original music composed by Various Artists

1. Gold – Iggy Pop
2. Ron Klaus Wrecked His House – Big Dipper
3. This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody) – Kishi Bashi
4. Spill The Wine – The Isley Brothers
6. Rip It Up – Orange Juice
7. Temptation – New Order
8. Hey – Pixies
9. Atmosphere – Joy Division
10. 1880 Or So – Television

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Gold official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: January 27, 2017
Label:Columbia Records

Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes
Original music composed by Daniel Pemberton

1. Dream of Gold
2. Economy, Turned
3. The Ring of Fire I – The Prospector
4. At the Sound of the Bell
5. Upstream, Days Kensana
6. Minecraft
7. Indo
8. Vintage Visa
9. Dream House
10. The New York Jungle
11. Hey, It’s Me
12. Sickness
13. You’ve Never Felt It
14. The Golden Pickaxe
15. The Ring of Fire II – The Partner
16. This is the F.B.I.
17. It’s Gone
18. Taped Questioning
19. The Disappearance of Michael Acosta
20. The Ring of Fire III – The Reveal
21. Blue Skies
22. Keep Digging

Gold Film information
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Release date (wide): 27 January 2017
Runtime: 2h 1min
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Trailer songs (full tracks)
1. Renegade - Styx (Official trailer #1 )
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2. [13'] Kenny arrived in Indonesia.
3. [25'] Probing the ground in the Indonesian woods for the first time.
4. [37'] Mike announced that they will start digging the mine.
5. [39'] At the bar, Kenny dancing with his wife.
6. [53'] Announcing the successful sponsorship deal.
8. [1:18'] Negotiations with the Indonesian brother of the ruler.
/ Kenny touching the tiger. 9. [1:24'] After getting the deal. Kenny sees his wife talking to another guy.
10. [1:30'] The party after Kenny gets the gold digger prize.
1. [1:37'] Kenny in the hotel having a drink and talking with the FBI. / End credits song

Song Credits:
4. [59'] Kenny leaving the party and fighting with his wife.
5. [1:04'] Sex in the helicopter.
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  • elhayani 04 / 06 / 2018 Reply

    bonjour , la musique du générique a la fin du film
    merci .

  • elhayani 04 / 06 / 2018 Reply

    bonjour , je n’arrive pas a trouver la musique du générique a la fin du film
    merci .

  • RENE MARIE 28 / 09 / 2017 Reply

    what is the song played at 33:20, right after kenny gives mike his 2 credit cards?

    • soundtrackmania 28 / 09 / 2017 Reply

      seems to be a score song. After this scene, 2 minutes later, plays this song Spill The Wine – The Isley Brothers

  • Barbara Hubbert 22 / 05 / 2017 Reply

    Who sings song during credits after the movie

    • soundtrackmania 22 / 05 / 2017 Reply

      it’s already answered and has a scene description. please see below, the previous comment

  • Larry Duffy 24 / 04 / 2017 Reply

    Who sings song as the credits go on screen….hail to the bees or something

    • soundtrackmania 24 / 04 / 2017 Reply

      Gold – Iggy Pop. it already has a scene description in the list

  • Rex Pearce 01 / 02 / 2017 Reply

    What is the song playing right after Kenny Wells pets the Tiger???

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