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Don Jon Soundtrack List (2013) – Tracklist, film score list, all songs played in the movie – playlist and who sings them.


Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list and the songs playing in the trailers for the 2013 comedy, Don Jon, along with scene description and full songs played in the trailer.

1. Bout That Life – Toine feat. L. Young

2. The Mighty Don – The Cinematic Underground and Kampaign

3. Baby Break It Down – Alpha Red

4. Thong Song – Sisqo

5. Pre Meditation – Mr De La Main

6. Some Like It Hot – MoZella

7. Bang Up – Daniel Lenz

8. The Party Starts Right Now – U4L Featuring Beth Enloe

9. BB Take A Picture – Alpha Red

10. Makin It Hot – Non-Stop Producer Series

11. Don Jon’s Radio Ad 1 – JeffPeff

12. 100 Dollar Bills – Cee Tha Rebel

13. Hey Shorty – DawOne

14. Good Morning World – James Kaleth

15. Queen Desire – Raymond Weil

16. BB By Two Nyte – Kopelli feat. Myisa

17. Money Talks – Seefor Yourself

18. Give Yourself Up – Kathy Sledge & Adam Barta

19. Sport News 2 – Ian Anderson

20. Horse Show – Gerhard Trede

21. Hit the Floor B – Andrew David Lee, Loopmasters and UtkuS

22. PMG Clown Town – David Robert Phillips

23. Addiction – Malcolm Kirby Jr.

24. The Grind – Hoezart and Brekspeare

25. Squasher – Danny Saber

26. Good Vibrations -Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch & Loleatta Holloway (Playing in the Official Trailer)

Jon is singing this song in the car

27. Don Jon’s Radio Ad 2 – JeffPeff

28. Don Jon’s Radio Ad 3 – JeffPeff

29. Bass Junkie – EX-LR

30. Lazy Bones – Che Kropp

31. Would You Do the Same for Me – Lee Baker and Laura Vane

Film’s original score composed by Nathan Johnson
Release date: October 8, 2013

Don Jon Score List
Score album tracklist

1. Theme From Don Jon
2. Don Jon’s Addiction
3. A Few Of My (Favorite) Things
4. Random Vs. Porn
5. My Ride
6. Downsides
7. The First Date
8. Special Someone
9. The First Kiss
10. Facebook Stalker
11. The First Night
12. Barbra Vs. Porn
13. Porn On-The-Go
14. Jersey Waltz
15. The Dinner Date
16. A Record-Breaking Day
17. Nightschool
18. Cold Turkey
19. Lost Together
20. Theme From Don Jon (Acoustic Guitar)

Don Jon movie release date: 27 September 2013 (USA)

Trailer songs (full tracks)

Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations (feat. Loleatta Holloway)

Watch the trailer for Don Jon



  1. Yayang August 13, 2015

    Catherine – Love the photos, can’t wait to see the rest! It was fun alebit the on and off rain, but I’m glad that you and Kenny were able to make the best of it great work

  2. billy December 30, 2013

    what about the “grey” tracks ? will they be released one day ?

    1. soundtrackmania February 11, 2014

      not sure about those, but we will publish all the songs not included in the official soundtrack for all the movies soon, and all the future movies will have them.

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