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Dead Ant Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Dead Ant is an adventure comedy movie featuring Tom Arnold, Sean Astin, and Martin Blasick. The movie which is directed by Ron Carlson will also feature a soundtrack from composer Edwin Wendler. You can check out and listen to the official movie soundtrack and the complete list of credited songs below.

Complete List of Songs

The complete list of credited songs will be available soon.


Songs from the Trailers

The Dead Ant movie trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

1. March Of The Ants 3:07
2. The Ignorant Kind 3:39
3. Power Ballad Rant 1:08
4. So Cantankerous 3:11
5. The Misanthropes 2:11
6. Sun Antics 2:37
7. The Intoxicant 2:32
8. The Laughing Ant 1:31
9. The Enchantress 2:30
10. Irrelevant Bass Player 2:16
11. Unpleasant Transaction 2:10
12. Inconstant Attacks 5:49
13. Antennae 2:32
14. Not Dormant Yet 4:47
15. Ant Holes 5:21
16. Anthropic Decimation 2:45
17. Dead Ant Triumph 3:06
18. Alternate Ants 6:05

Total Album Time: 57:17


Movie Details

Release Date
25th January 2019
Adventure, Comedy
Score Composer
Edwin Wendler
Music Supervisor


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