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Chocolate City Soundtrack List


Chocolate City Soundtrack List (2015) Complete tracklist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer, who sings them, soundtrack details and the entire music playlist of the album.


Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list for the 2015 drama movie, Chocolate City, including scene descriptions and name of the songs played in trailers and movie

Film’s music by various artists.
Soundtrack album tracklist:

1. Pony – Ginuwine
2. No Way Around It – King And Blast
3. Don’t Tell ‘Em – Jeremith ft YG
4. Kill It – KC
5. Impression – Durty
6. Tonight – Evan Kapparelli
7. Hope – King And Blast
8. Have You Seen Her – Jermaine Galvy
9. Chocolate City – Durty
10. All The Way – Durty
11. Mad Love Scientist – Drew Durty
12. How You Do It – Durty & Smoke
13. One Hunned – Blast
14. Lame Hoes – Durty & Frontliiine
15. Throw It At Me – King Thomas & Blast
16. Praise Your Problems Away – Michael Speaks
17. This Money – Blast
18. Bad Bad – Durty
19. If It’s All Right – Durty
20. Is You Wit It – King Thomas & Blast
21. 24 Karat Gold – Durty
22. Can’t Get Enough – Blast
23. Once You Arrive – Evan Kapparelli
24. War – Evan Kapparelli
25. Assesino – Gia Medley
26. 30 Minutes – Blast
27. Play – Dre
28. Put My Name On It – Butta
29. I Got Pull – Blast
30. SpotLight – Clayton Willams
31. Wrist Whippin – Teddy G.
32. Action – Candice Craig

Watch the trailer for Chocolate City

Chocolate City Soundtrack (Score) release date: May 22, 2015
Chocolate City Movie release date: May 22, 2015



  1. Terance January 30, 2018

    Scene when the dancers was on the short school bus @ 26 min within the movie! My wife & I must know the name if this hit song!!!!🙇🏾‍♂️

  2. Frank December 14, 2017

    What is the name of the song that Tyson Beckford dances to as a firefighter?

    1. soundtrackmania December 30, 2017

      please specify the minute of the scene (timeline)

      1. Jaimie February 23, 2018

        What is the song that Tyson Beckford does his solo to?

  3. Jessica Turner December 11, 2017

    I really want the song that rise boy dances to. Can’t find it anywhere. Anyone know the name of it?

    1. soundtrackmania December 24, 2017

      please specify the timeline (minute of this scene)

  4. Jai December 10, 2017

    I cant find the song, the song that plays at the start of the movie

  5. Brittney October 13, 2017

    I cant find the song that one of the other competitor groups dance to. The lyrics are “shawty say she want it so imma put it on her we gonna take it to the bathroom if she wanna….shawty going down shawty going down take another shot…”

    1. soundtrackmania October 16, 2017

      when is this song playing? what minute in the movie?

  6. Lexie September 23, 2017

    I love chocolate city y’all should make a 3rd one

  7. Olivia September 7, 2017

    How come I cannot find action by candice Craig anywhere??

    1. soundtrackmania September 9, 2017

      because it’s not released on the internet

  8. sam April 23, 2017

    at 12:30min when he got out of restaurant, beat is hella dope


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