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1. Salt Shaker – Ying Yang Twins
2. Hoochie Mama – The 2 Live Crew
3. All Right Now – Free
4. Maqam Sabah – Farida
5. Hell Yeah – Montgomery Gentry
6. And We Danced – The Hooters
7. Dance Like A Ho – The 2 Live Crew
8. Forever Always Ends – Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys
9. Beer Pop and Whiskey Stop – The Mears Brothers
10. Why Do You Love Me? – The Suicide Kings
11. So Lonesome I Could Fly – Jeffrey Dean Foster
12. Star Spangled Banner – Kellie Pickler
13. 5-4-3-2-1 Here We Go – Blues Saraceno
14. Here For The Party – Gretchen Wilson
15. ASU Turkey Day Halftime – Alabama State University “Mighty Marching Hornets”
16. Lose My Breath – Destiny’s Child
17. Soldier – Destiny’s Child
18. Gotta Get Back To Forgetting You – Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys
19. Power of Positive Drinking – The Mears Brothers
20. Get Ready (2013 Mix) – 2 Unlimited

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk Film information
Genre: Drama, War
Release date (wide): 18 November 2016
Runtime: 1h 53min
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Trailer songs (full tracks)
1. Heroes - Kolacny Brothers (Official trailer #1 )
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  • Rich 06 / 04 / 2017 Reply

    Could you please let me know what the instrumental music is and who plays it at the end of the movie ” Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime walk” . The music starts at 1:46:36 ( one hour 46 minutes and 36 seconds and plays right to the end)?

    • soundtrackmania 08 / 04 / 2017 Reply

      the score was created by Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna, but, unfortunately, Sony Pictures did not make that music public, not even the song names. seems they intend to keep it that way

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