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Soundtrack Info

Billboard is a drama movie which features stars like Eric Roberts, Heather Matarazzo, and Leo Fitzpatrick. The movie also comes with one of the year’s most promising soundtrack and credited songs. You will be able to check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the official movie soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

You’re Man’s a Jerk – 20 Watt Tombstone

Cannibal – Boxed Wine

Stop The Fall – Bumpin’ Uglies

Dempsey – Dead Poet Society

Lo-Air – Dead Poet Society

No Name – Dead:Stop

Down to Ground – Gloria Adios

Ball of String – Lyn Saga

There’s No Time – Mean Sea

Guide You Home – Midnight Echo

Turning Is For Tables – Never Let Go

Sally – Overdrive Orchestra

Deep in The Dirt – Photona

October – Picard

Without Serendipity – Shellshock Lullaby

Dear Sister, Your Brother – Talain Rayne

Graves – The Color and Sound

Anything But This – The Missing Letters

Finding Cassie – The Monarchy

Four Dead Chords – The Thunderstones

Train Wreck – Tony Giuliano

Feeling That – V Contreras

Silver Lining – Wayside Story


Songs from the Trailers

The Billboard movie trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

The official movie soundtrack will be available soon.


Movie Details

Release Date
5th April 2019
Score Composer
Patrick Wilson
Music Supervisor


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