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Best Night Ever Soundtrack List


Best Night Ever Soundtrack List (2014) – Tracklist, all songs played in the movie and who sings them, soundtrack details, the entire playlist of the album.


Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list for the 2014 comedy movie, Best Night Ever.

Film’s music by various artists.
Soundtrack album tracklist:

1. Kuhrye-oo – Air Days

2. Never Let Me Go – Mayeda feat. Tragic Gadget

Janet, Zoe and Leslie chase the car in which Claire and the guy ran off.

3. On the floor – Electrolightz

1st scene in the movie, title. Girls at the strip club in Vegas.

4. Hot Stuff – Dirty Dirty

In the car Claire, Zoe, Leslie and Janet filming intros, on their way to Vegas for Claire’s bachlorette party.

5. Let’s Get Away – Skully Boyz

6. Oh Daddy – Skully Boyz

The girls make a quick stop to the gas station.

7. Summer Party – Skully Boys

Girls, back in the car, driving. Bachelor-ette party challenges.

8. Regresa – Las Hermanas Andres

9. Let’s GO – Revenge of the Nerds

Girls get to Las Vegas. Girls in another club, dancing, after taking the pills.

10. Got it like that – Revenge of the Nerds

Girls enter the Bellagio hotel.

11. Back for Some Action – Stubbs

12. Not Afraid – Pets for Pets


Girls in the dumpster. Zoe trying to chill Claire who’s having a claustrophobic attack.

14. Fine, Fine Wine – Attack Rabbit!

15. Dance Across The Sky – Big City Villains

16. Make Noise – Mikey Likes It

The girls back at a club. Janet participates in a ladies’ gelatin fight.

17. Red Cup – Revenge of the Nerds

18. June Gloom – Pets for Pets

19. Falling Through The Air – Niki Watkins

20. GO – LeeTown

21. Hands Up – DJ A-Squared

22. Fill In The Blank – Attack Rabbit!

Girls leave the wrong valet’s house after torturing him.

23. Gangbustaz – Mayeda

24. What U Waiting 4 – Venom

25. Just Like That – Dirty Dirty

26. Jump Off – Boomish

27. The Store – Toothpick Warriors

Big fat lady crashing car window. End of the movie. End credits song.

28. Lost In It – The LA Outfit

29. The One for Me – Natalia Safran and Mikolaj Mick Jaroszyk

30. One in a million – Andrew Rayel ft. Jonathan Mendelson

Bachlorette party challanges.

Trailer songs (full tracks)

Problem Child – Come and Get It

The Store (From “american reunion”) – Toothpick Warriors

Best Night Ever Movie release date: 31 January 2014 (USA)
Best Night Ever Soundtrack release date: January 31, 2014

Watch the trailer for Best Night Ever



  1. rs December 17, 2014

    the song played in the trailer which goes like “I like to party party, I like to lose control..” ?

  2. Erin September 2, 2014

    What is the song name and artist for the part of the movie (Best Night Ever, 2013) that plays in the background of the scene right after Janet crashes the car when the girls are on a car chase to get Clair? The song creeps in about 1 hour and 3 minutes into the movie… It is a dance song that has the following lyrics, “meet me on the floor, keep me up all night, hold me in your arms, never let me go…” then once they are in the parking lot and begin to run around the hotel looking for the room, the song continues with lyrics such as, “if we keep going there, if you think you’re going anywhere, I don’t think so…” (or something like that)?
    I am usually very good at finding random songs, however, this is impossible. No results with shazaam, no results with the sound track listing since some of the tracks cannot be heard anywhere, etc… Though the style of this track is similar to that of the artists Mayeda and Revenge of the Nerds, I cannot find this song anywhere. Also, basic google searches of the lyrics turn up dead ends… SOO FRUSTRATED! Please help!

    1. soundtrackmania September 4, 2014

      I do love your comment!
      but it is a bit funny because the song is actually in the list, the second song Never Let Me Go – Mayeda feat. Tragic Gadget
      We did not add a play button because it can’t be found with embed code.
      but there you go, here you can listen to it here 🙂

      1. yanisleidy September 19, 2014

        I have the same question as Erin,i’ve looking for this song so bad, can’t find it, so, please where can i listen to it? what do i do with bit.ly/1u4C0Lm ?

        1. soundtrackmania September 19, 2014

          it’s an url. you copy it and paste it into browser’s address bar.
          To make the things simple, I transformed it into a link. Now just click on it and it will take you to an website where you can listen to the song.

  3. claptrap9372 June 7, 2014

    Wondering what song is playing in the club after they take the mystery pills. Help!!

    1. Nikkilynn June 12, 2014

      I’m wondering the same thing. Will you share if you find out?!

      1. booboo June 12, 2014

        Its revenge of the nerds-Let’s go 🙂
        and wats the song called when the big fat lady chases them.Please reply <3

        1. soundtrackmania August 30, 2014

          if it’s the song from when the fat lady breaks the girls’ car window, at the end of the movie, then it’s The Store – Toothpick Warriors

        2. soundtrackmania September 5, 2014

          please let us know if that’s the one 🙂

  4. Jared June 6, 2014

    Wondering what song is playing during the limo kidnapping scene, I’ve looked for hours and used Shazam and absolutely no luck. PLEASE HELP!

  5. rin-rio-oki February 4, 2014

    You have a link to the trailer on this page. Who is the artist for the 2nd song in the trailer? Lyrics: “So come and get it.” Don’t need to know the artist for the first, only the second song please. Thank You!

    1. Trooper May 28, 2014

      The second song from the trailer is Problem Child – Come and Get It.

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